Too Many Books, Not Enough Time

We’ve all made them.  Some have even stuck with them.  Go to the gym more, eat healthier, save more, spend less.  New Years goals are a common theme.  So of course, when 2013 rolled around, I made 6.  Today though, I am only going to share one.  I made a goal to read 52 or more books this year.  For you math wizzes out there, that is a book a week.  We are on week 22, meaning I should have at least 22 books read.  Here is my list so far.  I should also point out, I have yet turned to audio books.  I do not know what it is, but I just prefer having something in my hands, whether it be the actual book, or my kindle.  Books with a * by them are first time reads, all others are re-reads.  I have quite a few of those.

1. Hell’s Angels- Hunter S. Thompson*

2. The Strangers in the Land (The Zombie Bible)- Stant Litore*

3. Beautiful Paradise- F. Scott Fitzgerald*

4. Epiphany- Ferrol Sams*

5. The Stranger- Albert Camus

6-10. Percy Jackson Series-Rick Riordan*

11.The Hobbit- J RR Tolkein*

12. Wordsmithy- Wilson*

13. Sport and a Pastime-*

14. The Real Midnight in Paris-*

15. The Notebook-Nicholas Sparks

16. Safe Haven-Nicholas Sparks

17. The Lucky One-Nicholas Sparks

18. Dear John-Nicholas Sparks

19. A Bend in the Road-Nicholas Sparks

20. The choice-Nicholas Sparks

21. A Walk to Remember-Nicholas Sparks

22. The Rescue-Nicholas Sparks

23. Hesiod: Theogony

24. Apollodorus: The Library*

25. Jason and the Argonauts-Apollonius of Rhodes*

26. Metamorphosis-Ovid*

27. The Last Praetorian-Mike Smith*

28. As a man Thinketh-James Allen*

29. The Perks of Being a Wallflower-Stephen Chbosky*

30. The Time Travelers Wife-Audrey Niffenegger

31. We Are What We Pretend To Be: The First and Last Works-Kurt Vonnegut*

32. The Element- Sir Ken Robinson*

33. In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex-Nathaniel Philbrick*

Some of the re-reads (like the Sparks novels) are great quick fillers when I want to enjoy a book without thinking all that much.  I try to read 3-5 books at a time, and at least a chapter from 2 a night.  During school my schedule was thrown off a bit, but now with school out, I plan on picking up the pace.  Since I am a little ahead of schedule to make my 52 book mark, I have been thinking about upping the book count to 75.  100 would be nice, but I feel more comfortable at setting the goal to 75 now.  Once I reach 75, who knows, I may decide 100 is doable.  My biggest problem is that I seem to pick rather long books to read.  Currently I am reading Burr by Gore Vidal.


2 thoughts on “Too Many Books, Not Enough Time

  1. I really enjoyed that series. I studied Classical Culture in college and focused on Classical Mythology. I really enjoyed how Riordan was able to stay relatively accurate with his depictions of the gods and myths. I am excited to take a look at his other series involving myth as well.

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