Well, to say I dropped the ball on this blog is an understatement.  It has been over two months since my last post.  Now that school is out, I will try my best to have a couple posts a week at least.  It is hard for me to believe I have actually graduated.  I am still working the same two jobs I had been working during school, so my routine has not really changed all that much, except I do not have mandatory homework.  Which has been nice.  I have gotten to read what I want to, and just relax if I want to when I get off work.  I can say things will get easier when I will be able to stop working two jobs and only have one.  I miss my evenings and weekends.  I am ready to have them back.  Since my last post, not much has changed really.  Still on the job hunt, still hanging out with friends having a good time, and still trying to get out of debt.  This post will be rather small, just because I haven’t the slightest idea what to write about.  My life is still in such limbo.  Hopefully soon I will be writing about my new job.  But until then, I am sure I can figure out something to write about.  I can say with the tragedy yesterday, my problems seem much less trivial.  I have a roof over my head.  I have two good jobs.  My family and friends are safe.  All of which I should be very grateful for.  My thoughts are with those in Moore.  I can not even begin to fathom what those poor people are going through.  Living in Norman, being so close to the destruction, and yet feeling so far away is strange.  To realize that the tornado was that close from where I live.  Many people will try to put into words what they see, what they saw, and what is happening.  But in matters like this, words will never do justice.  Pictures can never do justice.  Nothing will compare to what the survivors saw and went through and are still going through.  I will not say much more in this post on the tragedy that took place yesterday.  But I can say I am proud to be an Oklahoman.  Labor omnia vincit.  


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