Changing Education Paradigms

This is a video with animation, and taken from a talk given by Sir Ken Robinson. He breaks down problems with the current education system, and how creativity is being limited. Also, a good point concerning ADHD and overmedication is discussed.

The full speech is here. Sir Ken Robinson – Changing Paradigms – YouTube

“What makes humanity what it is.  The only thing in my opinion, which is the extraordinary power which is bestowed upon human beings that no other species has, or so far as we can judge. The power of imagination.  We take it totally for granted.  This capacity to bring into mine things that aren’t present and on that basis to hypothesis  about things that have never been, but could be.” -Sir Ken Robinson

Both versions of this speech are very well done.  The animation version gives you a visual to enforce what Robinson is trying to get across to his audience.


4 thoughts on “Changing Education Paradigms

  1. I wish. I’m about to graduate college, so i’m currently in the business of whoever will hire me. I would however, like to go back and get my PH D in history so I can teach at the collegiate level. I assume you are involved in education?

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