Spring Break

Well, another spring break has come and gone, my last as an undergraduate.  I did not go anywhere.  I did not really do anything.  I worked, I worked out, and I worked some more.  The week was rather uneventful.  In between the work and working out, I did enjoy the company of a young woman at dinner one night.  She is sweet, and smart, and fun.  That is all my readers get.  At least for now.  There is a new grocery store opening up this next week in the same building as my night job.  Because of this, we hope there will be an increase in customers.  Only time will tell.  More customers does also mean more work.  Although, if I am being honest, there isn’t much work there to begin with.  It is a great second job.  We all went out Saturday night, or most of us did.  It was nice, and one of the guys I work with commented on how it is nice to work with a group of people that you get along with.  And it is true.  It makes that job, or any job better.  Even if you are not completely thrilled to do the work you do, working with great people you get along with and enjoy spending time with, does make the work more bearable.  I have been extremely lucky when it comes to my co-workers.  Whether it be doing construction with my father, working by myself mowing lawns, or being on a roof hot and sweaty, killing my back roofing.  I have always enjoyed the company of my co-workers.  As strange as it may sound, roofing has been one of my favorite jobs.  It was a good work out, the pay was good, but honestly, I loved who I worked with.  Friends I had known most of my life.  Guys I would consider a couple of the best friends I have.  Sure the work load was awful, but working with friends made the day go by better.  It made the job seem less like a job, and more like friends just hanging out, working on a project.  My dad has always said, “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  And this is true.  I completely agree, that to same degree, you have to love what you do to enjoy it.  And enjoying what you do, does help make your job feel less like a job.  It helps make getting up every morning seem not so bad.  At some point, the nice paychecks are not enough to keep you going to that job you hate day in day out.  But I think your co-workers can play an important role in the enjoyment you get out of your job.  For the past three years I have done IT for the College of Journalism at The University of Oklahoma.  I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best faculty and staff on campus.  Having a boss you get along with is key as well to a good work environment.  Again, I am lucky enough to have a boss for both of my jobs that I not only consider to be my boss, but also my friends.  IT is something I thought I would never want to do as a career, but working with great people, and for a great university has made me do some rethinking on my dreams and goals.  I will save those changes and thoughts for another post.

I know this post seems rather random, and it is.  But I thought since my last post was awhile ago, I thought I should say something so you guys would know I am still alive, and still writing.  I have many drafts, just not done enough for me to post them for all to read.  I think my grammar is getting better, and I look forward to sharing some new posts and ideas with you all soon.  And now, I will go back to my first and last day of spring break.  Like I said, I worked a lot this week.  But expect more consistent posting in the weeks to follow.  I may not have much to say, or I may just share a poem, thought, or quote with a few lines, but I will start to say something nonetheless.


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