The Beginning of the End

This… This will be a bad idea.  Writing down my own thoughts to help them escape my head on paper is one thing.  But this, writing them out for the world to see, well this can’t end well.  But against my better judgement i’m doing it anyway.  As someone once told me, “It is usually the people who say no one will want to read their writing or their writing is no good, that make good writers.”  Well, this little adventure I am about to embark on is how I plan to prove her wrong.  I will therefore apologize now for my lack of grammar knowledge.  Also, I am terribly sorry, but I have been told from time to time I use the passive voice far too often.  I may or may not try to fix that.  If however you are able to overlook my grammar mistakes, I hope you find some sort of enjoyment from this blog.  I will post about anything and everything.  There will not be one great theme I use to connect all of my post, except that they will come from my brain.  But enough about why I am starting this blog, lets talk about me.

I am a senior, well 6th year senior at the University of Oklahoma.  I have carried the same exact major with me all six years, with the only change being that I added an additional major.  History and Classical Culture.  I work far too much, I enjoy reading, cooking, drinking coffee.  A glass of scotch and fetch with my dog can make any bad day disappear.  Sports are fun to watch as well as play.  I take pleasure in being active, whether that be at a gym, dog park, or just outside in general.

This is the beginning of the end, so we might as well get started.


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