An Introduction: Part 2

Growing up, I loved to read.  I would read anything I could get my hands on, however looking back, I now realize a lot was wrong with the way I read.  I read, yes, but I didn't retain.  I was master of the AR Points but after a week, I could not tell you anything … Continue reading An Introduction: Part 2


Cabin in the Woods: Part 2

When it comes to my travel writings, I try to only work on the piece while traveling and then post it, no editing, no re-reading, just a quick post.  But with the last one, I felt as though I wanted to continue it on.  I decided to see where the characters would take me.  Thus … Continue reading Cabin in the Woods: Part 2

46 Days

Ever get into a grove, like nothing can go wrong.  The words just started flowing and kept flowing, a first for my writing.  I have started many projects but most get tossed aside after a couple of weeks.  I finally had a project that kept my interest for longer than two weeks.  The interest lasted … Continue reading 46 Days